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The key to successful e-Commerce consists of an excellent content marketing. Specific process requirements as well as target group focused B2B and B2C customer approach within e-Commerce are well-known to us and apply in every our projects. We use our specific knowledge for digital distribution processes to stabilize and increase your retail and online business together with long lasting results. The optimization for across devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) is one of the key instruments to strengthen customer’s loyalty and optimize the conversation rate significantly.

Benefits of e-Commerce

  • Consultancy and design of software architectures
  • Integration in existing commercial processes (interfaces, exports, imports)
  • Requirement- and customersegment analysis
  • A/B analysis
  • Predictive Commerce – Analysis of existing customer data and algorithms
  • Development and introduction of customer retention instruments (Loyalty)
  • Frontend development, implementation of responsive or adaptive layouts
  • Long-term development and maintenance of shop platforms
  • Development and optimization of multichannel marketing strategies
  • Test automation (Selenium, CodeCept, BDD)
  • POS integration
  • CRM integration



Knowledge is the key to success

Personnel training can be effectively realized as web-based training at reasonable costs. Complex and business specific learning content will be easier to understand through simplified visualization. Furthermore, it leads to a significant decrease of personnel development costs.

Interactive product trainings enable employees to sell your products with the right sales arguments and service quality. Interactive panels directly place your product at the point of sale. Let your customer enjoy an emotional product experience.

We are offering practical appliances of modern and tailor-made e-Learning solutions according to your wishes and requirements. The e-Learning segment facilitates business development and trains your target group with pinpoint accuracy.

We provide the learning contents for different device classes, the end user can learn on the way in the train, at home on the sofa or in the office actively and adaptably.


Benefits of e-Learning

  • Development and maintenance of e-Learning platforms
  • Creation of interactive learning content (quizzes, games, questionnaires)
  • Video courses
  • Automatic certificate generation as PDF or mail
  • Creation and analysis of user statistics
  • Requirement- and target group analysis



Potential analysis as support for your sales network

Through analyzing customer actions and reactions carried out by market research we are able to reveal behavior patterns and create forecasts. The accurate answer to that are purposeful adjustments and reactions.

We deliver tools to create predictive analyzes of customer behaviour and journeys. Change the UX and the UI-Design based on these arguments, to increase sales.


Benefits of e-Analytics

  • Development of analysis tools for different market segments
  • Analysis and evaluation of measurable or visible developments
  • Click track measurements
  • Complex prediction queries of user statistics
  • Big Data Queries
  • Implementation and CRM systems


Media strategy

Different but brilliant


...means for us to capture and understand expectations, needs and requirements of our clients to develop customized solutions together. We summerize all relevant information in structured e-Commerce concepts.

Based on market and brand analysis we derive recommendations for your online store together with professional advice and assistance matching your purposes and requirements.

Usability and experience

User experience and usability is an essential factor in e-Commerce. We create smooth customer journeys, through simple and clear design and interfaces.

Our developers provide competitive and intuitive interaction platforms as an interface between human beings and machine.


holosystems create solutions based on established software like Demandware, Magento, Shopware and TYPO3 to develop customized software architecture, supply those software for you and integrate it into your existing IT landscape.

Programming languages we use in projects are mainly Java, JavaScript (full stack) and PHP.

Platforms and tools

Shopware Business Partner


From the beginning to the finish – step by step


Highest level of service

Current projects could initiate and driven forward through the end. The processes and the software comprehensively will be improved.

We ensure to find fault analysis and debug faults between business and infrastructural applications. Disadvantages and communication deficits would be eliminated effectively.

We support you by the automation of your repeating manual software tests.

  • Our services:

  • Project support in technical and conceptual ways
  • Integrated technical set up and implementation
  • Support in problematic software projects with team power


Easy, fast and flexible

We offer a wide-ranging support, assistance and monitoring for external software projects.

Our mission statement of our work is to ensure high level quality services, flexibility and speed.

Hence we are able to respond to occurring problems through professional consultancy for further actions.

  • Benefits of support:

  • Set-up of program and system solutions
  • Update management
  • Agile software development according to SCRUM and KANBAN
  • Technical support


Unbeatable quality

Our valued team consists of different characters with different strengths to achieve best possible customer solutions.

We create competent and professional partnerships and set high standards and involvement in every project.

Depending on project requirements we select the right team members with the right abilities for your business leading you to success.

  • Team performance:

  • Tim Rüther "head of holosystems" – CEO, developer and "hands-on-project-manager"
  • Nicole Mascher "feel good manager" - operations and process management
  • Developer team "rescue team" for technical implementation
  • Frontend team "innovative pixel creator"